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Front of House Team

The front of house team are responsible for getting audiences to the right theatre, troubleshooting, making sure shows start on time, ushering and being friendly to all members of the public. You work closely with the box office team and like them, meet lots of people and therefore must be a strong communicator.

Front of house are the eyes and ears of the venue. They patrol all areas to make sure audiences are getting to where they need to be on time and ensure the venue is clean and running smoothly. As well as this, you are there to answer any questions that either public or performers may have. You should be friendly, confident, good with people and able to organise large numbers of people. There’s not any sitting at desks involved in the job so you should be good on your feet, have a confident manner and big voice, and be willing to scramble to action at a moments notice.

You must have excellent customer service skills and be able to keep your cool under pressure. You should also have an interest in our programme and the shows we put on, whether it be circus, comedy, theatre or music.

Shifts are arranged around our programme, which means most weekday shifts start at 6pm with weekend shifts running all day. Therefore you must be happy to work evenings and weekends! We will offer you a contract with minimum hours based around what was discussed at interview. 

Dates of work are approximately 1 April - 17 July (or 30 September) 2019

CONDITIONS: Pay is hourly at £8.21 per hour and shifts vary from day to day. You will be expected to be able to work at least 2 shifts per week - this will include weekends and evenings. Please let us know any restrictions you have to your working week in the application and your desired amount of hours per week. You should be able to work for the entire period. You will need to be over 18.

Applications: Please apply ASAP on our online portal

We recruit on an ongoing basis. Please apply as soon as possible.