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Sound Engineer for the Belly Theatre at the Underbelly Festival, Southbank 2018

Dates: 31st March to 17th July inclusive

Pay: £520 per week based on 6 days per week if being paid through PAYE. If you are Self Employed please contact us for rate. 

Role: We are looking for an experienced Sound Engineer to look after all of our sound requirements in the Belly Theatre. The successful applicant will:

Have a good working knowledge of sound systems and their operation and has experience of working and rigging at height (from ladders and full body harnesses).
Have an in-depth knowledge of the digital mixing consoles (particularly Yamaha LS9), EQ, gain structure, the use of gates, compressors etc.
Understand the importance of getting the appropriate sound for each individual show and have experience of working with bands as well as theatre acts.
Be methodical, have good problem solving skills, good time keeping and will have a friendly and approachable manner.
Be a team player and understand that at Underbelly we require all our technicians to work together to achieve the best result for the shows, meaning that cross-departmental work is essential and expected. This is not a job suitable for someone who only wishes to do sound and has no interest in other areas.

Please apply for the position on this online form. We aim to get back to applicants within a few weeks.