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Sound Engineer - Spiegeltent

Sound Engineer for the Spiegeltent - Underbelly Festival Southbank 2020

Dates: Start of April to end of September

Pay: £610/week Based on a 6 day week via Invoicing. If you would prefer to be paid via PAYE, please contact us for a rate.

We are looking for an experienced Sound Engineer to look after all of our sound requirements in the Spiegeltent.

The successful applicant will:

- Have a good working knowledge of sound systems and their operation.

- Have experience of working and rigging at height (from ladders and full body harnesses).

- Have an in-depth knowledge of digital mixing consoles (particularly Yamaha LS9, Midas Pro1), EQ, gain structure, the use of gates, compressors etc.

- Have working knowledge of the programming and operation of QLab and RF systems.

- Understand the importance of getting the appropriate sound for each individual show and have experience of working with bands as well as theatre and cabaret acts.

- Have good problem solving skills, good time keeping, a pro-active attitude to venue organisation and maintenance, be methodical, and will have a friendly and approachable manner.

- Be a team player and understand that at Underbelly we require all our technicians to work together to achieve the best result for the shows, meaning that cross-departmental work is essential and expected. This is not a job suitable for someone who only wishes to do sound and has no interest in other areas.

To apply, please email a CV and covering letter to James Turner Inman at with the subject ‘Southbank Sound Technician’