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A day in Black Cat: Bohemia Rehearsals

23rd Aug 2018

Digital Marketing Officer Elijah Grant got a first look at Black Cat: Bohemia when he stepped into a morning of rehearsals.

A new bohemia is coming to the Southbank, brought to you by The Black Cat Cabaret. The Black Cat Cabaret have created a new bohemia with the aim of bringing art back to the surreal…. and the experience of watching the cast of Black Cat: Bohemia was surreal indeed.

Walking into the rehearsal studio in Brixton I was hit with the rhythmic tones of the live band, preparing for the first run through of the show that day. Within the first 5 minutes of spending time with the cast members, one can tell that there is immense chemistry between them all. From rehearsing dance sequences, to advising each other on acrobatic moves, fooling around and making each other laugh out loud, there was harmony within the group.

That harmony stayed present in as they went into their first full run of the morning. The movement was fluid, precise and hypnotic and the added element of the live band only intensified the atmosphere, especially as both the acrobatics and dance perfectly synced up with the beat. Although they work well together on stage, each member has their own skill set and personality, which they are able to express during the show.

This embodiment of bohemian spirit is presented to you by cabaret legend Miss Frisky, and trust me she’s the icing and cherry on top. Funny, engaging, outrageous and cheeky, every audience member will not only be mesmerised by her charm but also feel like they are very much part of the show.   

Expect to be thrilled by some whip cracking action, seduced by colourful umbrellas, blown away by fire stunts and lost in the adventure that these bohemians take you on. Definitely book your ticket today.

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