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Circus Maximus 2015: Heat One

15th Apr 2015

Last night saw the first heat of the UK's first circus competition, Circus Maximus! Over the course of the week, 20 of the nation's hottest circus acts will perform for your applause, and a place in Sunday's grand final. The winner will receive £4,000 and the chance to produce a brand new show with Underbelly Productions! Take a look at what went on last night...

Our fabulous MC Christopher Green warms up the crowd ahead of the 5 amazing performances.


Linn Brodén treated the audience to a brilliant display of elegance and athleticism on the slackrope.


Annabel Carberry gave a tour de force in multitasking - by drinking a glass of wine whilst hula-hooping!


Duoso gave an atheletic yet tender acrobatic performance.


Thibaut Lezervant played hide and seek... whilst juggling!


Angeliki Nikolakaki gave an indredible, rain-soaked straps performance. 


And the winner is...


Angeliki Nikolakaki! She'll be performing in Sunday's grand final, where you can see her amazing ariel routine. 

Roll on Heat 2 tonight! For tickets and more information about Circus Maximus, click here.

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