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Circus Maximus: Heat 2

16th Apr 2015

Last night saw the second heat of Circus Maximus, and it was a corker! Here's a look at what happened...

Our charming host Christopher Green was back to whip the crowd into shape!

Eva treated us to a unique and theatrical take on the traditional tightrope act

JD & NIKKI gave an incredible display of strength - almost as strong as the bond between them.

Stuart Pemberton's fusion of tap-dancing and juggling was a sight to behold!

Claudia Hughes had the audiences on the edge of the seats with her amazing display of contortion, while Rosie Kohl soundtracked the performance with a beautiful performance on the violin.

Hauk Pattison & Sasha Flexy gave a sensual lust-themed performance on the Chinese pole.

And the winner is...

...JD and Nikki! They'll be sailing through to the grand final this weekend, along with last night's winner, Angeliki Nikolakaki!

Roll on Heat 3 tonight! Who'll be joining JD & Nikki and Angeliki in the final? For tickets and information about Circus Maximus, click here.

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