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Food and drinks on the Southbank

29th Jun 2018

The Southbank is one of London’s most vibrant locations with an ever growing and changing programme of things to do and fun spots to wine and dine. We’ve looked at some of the coolest spots for you to enjoy great food and drinks.

Underbelly Festival

Location: Underbelly Festival

There’s no better location on the Southbank to stuff your face with finger licking good food and thirst quenching drinks than Underbelly Festival.

There is a diverse offering of street food ready to rock your taste buds.

The Laughing Stock is run by two Michelin and prides itself on delivering the very best in quality street food from Cheese and Bacon Burgers to Steak Sandwiches, The Laughing Stock have exactly what you need to satisfy your taste buds.

Hola Guacamole brings you the best in Mexican street food, made from the freshest ingredients and best recipes.

If your mood is calling for some US inspired flavours look no further than Harrys Hot Dog Hut. However if pizza is on the agenda then Pizza Al Taglio is the place for you, with a choice of veggie, meat and margherita in rectangular slices. 

Underbelly Festival also boasts one of the biggest outdoor bars in London serving beer, wine & soft drinks and this year it’s sponsored by Rekorderlig, providing premium cider in a range of fruity flavours.

Free to enter, with a captivating and charming décor and a selection of foods and drinks at your mercy, come on down and join the festivities.

The SNOG Frozen Yogurt Bus

Location: Queen’s Walk, next to Hungerford Bridge

The bright pink neon-lit Routemaster is back on the Southbank! Serving ‘freshly-made, natural and fat-free organic yoghurt comes in five different mouth-watering flavours and is topped with your choice of hand-cut fruit, gluten-free baked brownies, chocolate and nuts.’  

Perfectly located outside Underbelly Festival, you can enjoy your delicious yogurt in the festival or in SNOG’s customised double-decker bus.

Elephant Juice Bar

Location: Queen’s Walk, under Hungerford Bridge

Want to give yourself brownie points for being healthy and helping the local economy, look no further than Elephant Juice Bar. Their drinks are made fresh and when possible the fruits and vegetables are locally sourced.

Beany Green

Location: Hungerford Bridge

Known for serving exquisite Aussie coffee in the morning, they switch gears in the afternoon offering a selection of local craft beers on taps and seasonal cocktails.

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