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Graze in our brand new pasture

14th Apr 2016

Foodies, have we got a treat for moo! We have a range of delicious street food stalls in our pasture this year, so grab a bellyful of delicious food before your show, or just drop in to our beautiful pasture for a bite and a drink!

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is not just a ‘pop-up’ restaurant — it’s a food event: creating a look and feel from its Ghanaian roots that merges with a contemporary dining experience. Home spun, home cooked food. Always fun, always relaxed and always tasty.


At Waffle On, we love waffles. Freshly made waffles. Waffles made right there, in front of you, on hot and heavy cast iron machines. We’ve re-invented traditional and regional German waffle recipes; experimenting with ingredients and honing our techniques. The result is deliciously light, airy and crisp.


Made of Dough source almost all of our ingredients from Campania & Andalusia. Our flour is milled in Naples, our fior di latte is driven across Europe from Campania twice a week, our chorizo and piquillo peppers come from Andalusia via Brindisa. We use a simple lean dough recipe. The fermentation method has been passed down through the Amodio family; our dough is always fermented in 2 ways for a minimum of 60 hours making it easy to digest and giving it a deep flavour.


The Laughing Stock is a dynamic street food business, who have worked with Underbelly feeding hungry festival goers for the last five years. The company is driven by a desire to provide wide diversity of the very best quality street food. Run by two michelin trained chefs who gained their knowledge through both extensive travel in Italy, America and Spain, and working at some of the top fine dining restaurants worldwide.


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