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About Oxford Street

First for fashion, food, entertainment and innovation – Oxford Street is the ultimate all-day destination. Just a stone’s through away from our festival, why not treat yourself to a spot of shopping as part of your visit. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe with the latest summer collections, bag an exclusive product, pamper yourself with a treatment or simply browse its incredible offering – there’s something for everyone right around the corner.

You’ll also find top food & drink spots in and around the street, including Michelin star restaurants and the UK’s largest food hall, as well as bars with killer cocktails to enjoy after a delicious meal. If you’re coming from out of London, you can stay overnight in the world’s top hotels.

When you visit, you may notice there are wider pavements and more planting and seating to ensure you have enough space and have plenty of places to have a rest when you need to. Oxford Street’s team of cleaners will be on the street daily ensuring the street and high touch areas are regularly cleansed and sanitiser stations are dotted up and down the street for when you need them. All the stores and eateries have been working hard to ensure you feel safe and welcome inside too.

Wondering how to get there? Oxford Street is well-connected with easy access to the London Underground and buses, plus bike routes and car parking. Opening times vary, but in general stores open 10am-9pm on weekdays and 12pm-6pm on Sundays. Plan your visit to Oxford Street at www.oxfordstreet.co.uk.