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The London Grilled Fish Company

StreetEat on the South Bank

Our road to The London Grilled Fish Company has been a long one. It all started when at just 13 years old, Dad (Giovanni or Joe Fish as the trade knows him) followed his older brother to work at Billingsgate Fish Market. Dad instantly fell in love with fish, and joined the market full time the day he left school where he started to absorb the wealth of knowledge the market had to provide. With all this experience it was time to go it alone and in 1980 Dad opened his first fishmongers on Wandsworth Bridge Road in Fulham. Dad became obsessed with scouring the world for the sea's hidden gems and quickly became the go-to man for all of London's top chefs when it came to providing the finest and most exotic fish.

I (Gary) then came along and grew up with my brother and sister surrounded by Dads passion for fish. In the picture above we are on one of our many 4am visits to Billingsgate. Working in the shop my experience with fish grew, I loved it when all the weird and wonderful exotic fish would turn up in our kitchen.  That's when my passion for finding the best ways to cook it began. Over the years we have come up with many different recipes but the one key ingredient we never compromise on is using the finest and freshest fish. 

We have taken our knowledge of seafood and added some culinary imagination to offer you an exciting and delicious new way to enjoy the finest seafood. All our sauces and pickles are homemade from family recipes that compliment all types of seafood.

We treat the seas and oceans as just another member of our family, we will not sell any over fished or poorly farmed species and we never use single use plastics. The seas have always looked after us so we will look after them!


BUNS - Freshly filleted and grilled whole fillet or steak on a toasted brioche burger bun with salad and homemade sauce

ROLLS - Freshly filleted and grilled fillet or loin fillet on a toasted brioche dog roll with homemade coleslaw

SALADS - Freshly filleted and grilled whole fillet or steak served on house salad with a choice of homemade sauce



SEABASS - with homemade roasted garlic sauce

TUNA - with homemade lemon & saffron sauce and fresh tomato & cucumber pickle

SALMON - with homemade roasted garlic sauce & mild chilli drizzle

MACKEREL - with homemade lemon & saffron sauce & fresh tomato & cucumber pickle

SMOKED KIPPERED MACKEREL - with homemade horseradish & beetroot sauce

PRAWN & SCALLOP - with homemade roasted garlic sauce and milk chilli drizzle


SKIN ON FRIES - with seas salt & balsamic vinegar drizzle

Venue: StreetEat on the South Bank